Mystim Charming Chuck Elastic Penis & Testicle Belts


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Mystim Charming Chuck Elastic Penis and Testicle Belts. Thanks to the fact that the belts are adjustable they can comfortably be sheathed, and afterwards adapted so that they are tight to the glans respectively root of penis or testicles. Please take care to always connect the belt with the black wire to the area which is closer to the body meaning if you connect the glans and the root of the penis you connect the first with the red wire and the last with the black one - This will make the stimulation even more intense. Includes: 1 glans- or penis-belt, 1 testicle belt, and 1 connecting wire. You will require an e-stim device - like the Mystim Tension Lover (MY46000), or the Mystim Pure Vibes (MY46010) - to activate the poles.

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